Florence is filled with beautiful churches and chapels, the city sits at the feet of the Appennine Mountains in a valley that opens onto the Arno Plain with beautiful and artistic monuments, we recommend you some of the best must see churches in Florence and nearby areas

1. Santa Croce : Gothic pantheon of cultural heroes, containing the tombs of Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Rossini and Galileo (reburied here in 1737). Giotto frescoed the two chapels to the right of the altar.

2. Santa Maria Novella : Among the masterpieces here are Masaccio’s Trinità (1428; painting’s fi rst use of perspective), Giotto’s Crucifi x , Filippino Lippi’s Cappella Strozzi frescoes (1486) and Ghirlandaio’s decorous sanctuary frescoes (1485). The cloisters’ greenish Noah frescoes (1446) are warped perspectives by Paolo Uccello.

3. San Lorenzo and the Medici Chapels : San Lorenzo was the Medici pa rish church. The family tombs are decorated by Donatello, Rosso Fiorentino, Bronzino and Filippo Lippi, with architecture by Brunelleschi (interior and Old Sacristy) and Michelangelo (Laurentian Library and New Sacristy). The New Sacristy contains Michelan gelo’s roughly finished Dawn, Dusk, Day and Night .

4. Santo Spirito : Brunelleschi’s masterpiece of Renaissance design. The building’s proportions are picked out in clean lines of pietra serena stone against white plaster. Seek out altarpieces by Filippino Lippi (Madonna and Child with Saints , 1466) and Verrocchio (a minimalist St Monica and Augustinian Nuns) .

5. Santa Maria del Carmine : Masolino started the Brancacci Chapel’s frescoes of St Peter’s life in 1424. Another of his works, Adam and Eve , is rather sweet compared to the powerful Expulsion from the Garden by his successor, Masaccio. Filippino Lippi completed the cycle in 1485.

Churches Outside Florence nearby places.

6. Siena’s Duomo : A striped Romanesque- Gothic pile, richly decorated by the likes of Giovanni Pisano, Donatello, Pinturicchio, Michelangelo, Beccafumi and Bernini.

7. Lucca’s Duomo : San Martino is a masterpiece of Romanesque stacked open arcades, stuffed with sculpture from Gothic reliefs to works by two great 15th-century talents, local Matteo Civitale and Sienese Jacopo della Quercia.

8. San Gimignano’s Collegiata : The “Medieval Manhattan’s” main church is covered inside with 14th- and 15th-century frescoes, including a cycle by Ghirlandaio. 

9. Pisa’s Duomo : Beside the Pisan-Romanesque exterior, only a few elements, such as Cimabue’s apse mosaic of 1302, survived a 1595 fire. However, the late Renaissance/early Baroque refurbishment was stylish, and local legend holds the swinging of the nave’s large bronze lamp inspired Galileo’s Law of Pendulums.

10. Sant’Antimo : This isolated Cistercian abbey was founded by Charlemagne, but the building dates from 1118. Inside, several column capitals are beautifully carved. Monks sing a Greg orian chant five times daily; ask them to see the sacri sty’s earthy frescoes.

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