Myrtos beach keep yourself busy engage in lots of swimming

Myrtos Beach is in the region of PylarosNo Water sports at Myrtos beach keep yourself busy engage in lots of swimming and Sunbathing, the gorgeous beach at Myrtos Bay is backed by vertical limestone cliffs. High white cliffs form the backdrop to the crescent of white pebbly, uncouth sand which leads down to the sea where the contrast of the bright turquoise waters makes a dramatic view.

Myrtos Beach is extremely hot in the summer due to the sun reflecting from the white sand and pebbles; it can be a real suntrap so do not forget to take your umbrella, The beach offer a unique and calm environment to relax those stressful nerves. Beach is always featured in some magazine or other as in worlds top 10 beaches in the world. Secluded against development, the only allowed facility is a single refreshment bar offering drinks, sandwiches and ice creams. It is one of the most photographed beach in the world, we have included one aerial snapshot of the beach. If you planning to include Greece in your itinerary make sure to drop a visit to Myrtos beach.

Nearby Places near Myrtos Beach:

supermarket – about 3kms up the hill from Myrtos Beach in the small village of Divarata.

yachting harbor village of Agia Efimia-10 minute drive from Myrtos- excellent selection of cafe-bars, tavernas, restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets is only a walk away.

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