Road trip

Road Trip

Italy is well known for the Alps. So how about stirring the dust on the trails of Tuscany? This captivating region of incomparable light and famous cities such as Florence and Siena, will take you in the footsteps of the Etruscans.

In the Baltic States, hikes are particularly popular in all three countries’ national parks. Aukštaitija National Park (Lithuania) is one of the prettiest in the Baltic region, or take a walk in Laheema National Park in Estonia, amongst its pine forests, some over 200 years old, on the shores of the superb lakes formed during the glacial period. In Latvia, in addition to rambling in the national parks of Gauja, Slieter, or Kemeri, plant your hiking poles in the sand of the beaches on the Baltic coast!
Spain is known for its Deep and enrich Culture, Recommended visit to picturesque Canary Islands, and particularly Gran Canaria, of which a large part is protected by UNESCO is a must. Feast your eyes on its unutterable beauty, panoramas of volcanic rock punctuated with waterfalls. The experience of rugged landscape will delight you.
In the Azores, (Portugal) feel the heat through your shoes on the volcanic cones on the sides of its craters, and then cool them off in lagoons surrounded by luxuriant vegetation. In Madeira (Portugal), plunge into the exotic ambiance of the Laruisliva forest, listed by UNESCO, or choose to explore the impressive scenery as you follow 1400 km/870 miles of the island’s irrigation network.

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