Italy is Europe’s top most travel destination and there’s more to it then Rome and Pisa, the wine, the food, the connection to the land and its past—that’s as authentic as the sauce bubbling away on the stove.


A grand holiday accommodation run by a traditional yet groundbreaking host Ileana Allisio is an exceptional women in many fields: she was the extraordinary woman to make a career as a winemaker; She launched the first holiday rental accommodation in the region in 1985; and before all of that, she honed her design chops as a successful interior decorator. These days, Allisio’s style is imprinted on the four guest rooms at her holiday Ville Ile: There’s the romantic, rose-pink room 3, which has an ornate baroque armoire (a family heirloom) and balcony doors just begging to be thrown open onto the garden and the outlying vineyards. Room 1, which is larger and done in very light blue and yellow theme, also opens onto the balcony and showcases paintings by her son Alessandro alongside a local artist’s black-and-white sketches of the river Alba. Villa Ile feels like it hails from an yesteryear, more civil time, when a host would give each guest an individualized gift and a warm welcome, make you just the breakfast you desired (crepes one day, for instance, toast with homemade jams and fresh butter the next), and remember you with a card come Christmas—all of which, it turns out, Allisio does, naturally. Allisio is an artist herself and her own paintings line the staircase down to the living room and breakfast area., starting at €100


Started recently in the year 2009, host Fulvio Faccia is a science teacher by day with degrees in biology and agriculture, Faccia had the inspired idea to fashion each room around a local fruit, including damaschino and cotogno . Roof Garrone is an old farmhouse with a new pulsating heart. Eight comfortable guest rooms and fifteen hectares of hazel, walnut and chestnut trees are awaiting you. From Roof Garrone you can explore Piedmont. Turin, Saluzzo, Mondovi, Alba and the Langhe, and the Grana, Maira, Varaita valleys or even go as do as the French Riviera Should you stop in Cuneo. Mr. Faccia mother, who owns the property and a cousin, sewed the drapes, pillows, and tablecloths, mixing and matching floral patterns. A classic morning begins with his mother’s hazelnut cake, fresh pulpy peach or pear juice, soft local cheeses, and bread with two kinds of homemade jam. Faccia’s has 2 adorable kids, Pietro, and Magalí, Enjoy countryside with Faccia Family.


Founded in 1861 by Mr. Racca it was the first cooperative of local producers, thus started the story of this exquisite winery. The 99-acre estate has an desirable hilltop position overlooking cascading vineyards in innumerable shades of green, punctuated by the crenellated fortresses of medieval towns like La Morra andyes, Barolo, just visible in the distance. No wonder in 2001,Alberto Racca the fifth generation wine maker left his job in Turin to return to his home at Tenuta Monetanello, releasing his first Barolo in 2001. What can you expect at your stay- enchanting view , wines, chat with Racca in the . Tenuta Montanello stretches between these hills in a single 40-hectare estate, of which 11 hectares are under grapes.

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