Superior reasons to travel Baden-Württemberg

"Baden Württemberg"Baden-Württemberg has main and also mainly spotted traveler areas of Germany, There are a lot of superior reasons to travel to Baden-Württemberg, the exceptional Neckar valley with its striking secluded forest, the peaceful Black Forest and lakes in the south, and the famed spas of Baden- Württemberg and Bad Wild bad.  Walking in the Black Forest, unwind in Baden-Baden, exploring Lake Constance, and soaked awake the olden times in Heidelberg. The atmosphere that invites people to Baden-Württemberg the mainly is still the Black Forest, which is famous for its romantic valley meadows, mill, farm and ravines.

Heidelberg Castle

View of Heidelberg Castle The Heidelberg Castle, situated in Germany, is a famed ruin and the signboard for Heidelberg. Located in the mount (300) feet over the city of Heidelberg stands the magnificent Heidelberg (castle).  It’s consideration that the first foundations were lay in the (c11th), separated into two part complexes – an upper castle and a lower castle. A huge part of the castle was damaged in lightning strike in the years (1537) and (1764). The magnetism of Heidelberg Castle is not so much owed to its history, except further due to the romantic look of the wonderful shell which emerge over the town.

Kurpfälzisches Museum

Kurpfälzisches MuseumThe Kurpfälzisches (Palatinate Museum) is a museum of art and archaeology in Heidelberg, Germany. It is situated in the Palais Morass.  There is also a space devoted to the consequences of archaeological excavations in the city Kornmarkt and the museum foundation. The contents of the graphic art section of the museum add up as one of southwest Germany’s supreme collections.


Feldberg (Black Forest)

Feldberg (Black Forest)The Feldberg in the Black Forest is the utmost peak in (Baden-Württemberg), and the uppermost in Germany exterior of the Alps.  There are (50 km) of tracks snaking during the Black Forest Mountains. The Feldberg Cableway runs approximately to the peak. There is as well a snow playground. Centre of the main skiing spot in the Black Forest.




Luisen Park

Luisen ParkThe Luisen Park (41 hectares) is a community park in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg. The Luisen Park is one of the Germany most stunning parks. Tropical and subtropical foliage and animals, the magical of the forest, exceptional animals from Africa, Asia and South America .everyone create the (Pflanzenschauhaus ) one of the Luisenpark’s largest attractions.

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