View of CityTOP CROATIAN DESTINATIONS TO VISIT : Zagreb is the most popular tourist place in Croatia. Zagreb accommodations are an excellent options to stay and enjoy your vacations at Zagreb. you can find some with beautiful garden, near shopping malls, parking, swimming pool and BBQ. All locations are in the heart of the city.
Dubrovnik is another popular tourist attraction. Dubrovnik Palace Hotel is the famous place to stay in Dubrovnik. You can enjoy excellent comfort and twenty four hours room service in Dubrovnik catering private homes. Most of These homes includes high speed Internet access. The best part about these private accommodations is that you have range of options to choose from location-wise. Many Dubrovnik accommodation are located just twenty minutes away from the airport.

Hvar: The next beautiful place is Hvar. The place is a hub for beautiful beaches and landscapes. Private Adriatic homes are the top rated Croatian accommodations that offer comfort and relaxed environment for its visitors. These accommodations are suitable for both businessmen and common visitors. The place also offers excellent nightlife and vibrant culture. Cavtat is also beautiful and old place to visit. This is a small and beautiful village with number of sights, landscapes and waterfronts. The place has become very much developed as compared to past tradition.

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