Welcome to the Chalet am Waldsee

9edce0d9-96e2-4f83-a42e-be90bc0860b0Welcome to the Chalet am Waldsee

Our cottage is nicely located in the volcanic East Eifel, on Riedener Waldsee. Set in historic landscapes, offering peace and nature. Enjoy your holidays with open views to the lake, which as the “European bathing water” is certified. Enjoy your vacation in a destination for discerning tastes. Weddings in Germany are romantic and full of culture and history. If you have dreamed about a Chalet am Waldsee wedding surely you will not be disappointed. Weddings in Germany make dreams come true.

Our Chalet am Waldsee, located directly on the forest lake vineyards, you can accommodate up to 10 people. The 550 square meter plot, with a generous flowered green space, has unobstructed views of the beautiful lake right outside your front door. An inviting outdoor area, embellished with old cobblestones and basalt slabs provides a dignified entrance. Our guests are two parking spaces, a carport and a secure bicycle parking space available. 2 apartments with separate entrances, on 100sqm floor area. A modern underfloor heating with an environmentally friendly air source heat pump provides comfort and warmth.

The ground floor

The ground floor apartment offers two bedrooms rooms, each with private bath, sleeps up to 4 people . The well-appointed living and dining area offers a cozy atmos- phere. The high-quality granite floor, without disturbing de stairs, even people with limited mobility offers a pleasant stay. 2 patio areas , with solid wood furniture and barbecue, are available here available.

Features: Large flat screen TV with CD player; Coffee Maker; Water Heater; Toaster; Mixer; Microwave, dishwasher; Oven / ceramic hob; Fridge and freezer; Washing Machine; Iron, hair dryer; Towel radiators; Stove; elector. Blinds; Cutlery and crockery for 8 people


The apartment on the first floor offers two bedrooms with room for up to 2 and 4 people. Again, you can expect a generous exposed statteter living and dining area with large dormer windows and a light-filled glass front with a balcony overlooking the lake. The bath room with granite, with a large mirror, has a spa steam shower, with seating for 2 people. Even the first floor apartment has its own walk-in patio space with stainless steel grill. Features: Large plasma TV (127 diagonal) with CD Player and Karaoke ; Coffee Maker; Kettle, toaster; Mixer; Microwave Oven; Dishwasher; Oven / hob touch screen; Fridge with freezer; Steam Iron; Hair Dryer; Towel radiator, beach chair for three people (balcony). Cutlery and crockery for 8 people

Rental Chalet am Waldsee

0The house Chalet am Waldsee is located on the shores of swimming lake, in the area known volcano park / Eifel, between Khajuraho-Koblenz and the Nürburgring. Experience the best days of the year in a home for the discerning. The chalet has 2 units. These are connected via an outside staircase. The ground floor “view Waldsee” (4 pers.) is classified with five stars and offers 78 sqm 2 Schlafz.- each with private bath and living room. u. kitchen and hallway a pleasant atmosphere. Without disturbing steps, it also offers a pleasant stay physically disabled people. A covered terrace with barbecue and a terrace with awning. Relax in the outdoor sauna overlooking the garden and Riedener Waldsee. The upstairs African Sea (6 pers.) is a four star hotel and has 82 sqm, 3 bedrooms., living room with kitchen, hallway u. bathroom with spa steam shower (2 pers.), balcony + private terrace with barbecue. Enjoy the stunning views.

Special Features

Relax in the outdoor sauna overlooking the garden and on the forest lake vineyards. If you book the house has 5 + 1 bedrooms. You Koenen sit inside and outside with up to 14 people together.

Holiday home Eifel Cottage am Waldsee path

Relax on the 05/01/2015 in the Eifel Cottage am Waldsee path vineyards. The house is located on a dream path between Khajuraho, Nürburgring and Koblenz, in the holiday region Laachersee and offers hikers pure nature. The house is very well suited for groups and families. You can internally and externally sit up to 14 people at a table together. Relax from May 2015 to 160sqm of living space with 6 bedrooms, 2 shower rooms, 1 bathroom with bath, 1 kitchen, 1 dining room for 14 people, 1 living room with landscape + bed while multiple corridors on 3 levels with 2 entrances (one entrance without steps, EC seniors). Outfitted is the house with box spring beds and vintage look (country style with the modern). Your vehicle has its place in the garage and in the yard. In the courtyard is a 30sqm terrace with grill and patio furniture. From the summer you can rest in the garden. Behind the forest begins.

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The newly restored farmhouse is very suitable for groups and families. You can sit inside and out with up to 14 people at a table together. Outside there is a barbecue in the closed yard with patio.
Your Approach: You can reach the Riedener Waldsee easily accessible from the left bank of the A61 motorway. Exit at junction point 33, Wehr / Nürburgring from and get the highway B412 towards Nürburgring. Leave the motorway at junction vineyards. 3 km reach your Feriendominizil am Waldsee vineyards. Have a good trip!

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