Winter holiday rentals on the Canary Islands could be for you if you live in northern Europe and are dreading the dark, gloomy days of winter. The Canary Islands can be found off the north-west coast of Morocco and are actually the tip of a volcanic mountain range. The weather is warm on the islands throughout the year with temperatures around 64 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter months – an ideal place to book winter sun villa rentals.
If you decide that holiday rentals in the Canary Islands are for you then you will have to choose on which island you want to book your apartment or villa winter holiday rentals. If you want the most popular and busiest island then you might choose apartment rentals in Tenerife or you may fancy a walking holiday on one of the quieter islands like La Palma. Did you know that there are many holiday properties that you can rent from the property owners direct on the Canary Islands?
Let’s take a look at some of the most popular places to book Canarian winter sun villa rentals.
The island of Gran Canaria is smaller than Tenerife but has the largest population. It is thought to be the most picturesque island and is a fantastic place to book villa or apartment winter holiday rentals. The north of the island tends to be green and wetter than the southern area, and the island has a mountainous interior with charming villages which are tucked away. In the south you will find large, modern resorts which appeal to young adults and families. Increasing numbers of older people are coming to spend the winter here and make the most of the sunshine. Christmas vacation rentals on the Canary Islands are also increasingly popular.
Winter holiday rentals in Tenerife are perfect if you like to bask in the sun. Tenerife is sometimes referred to as the ‘island of eternal spring’ and in winter the average maximum temperature is a pleasant 70 degrees Fahrenheit with about six hours of sunshine a day. If you want to book winter sun villa rentals for a beach holiday then Tenerife will not disappoint you. In the south and south-west coast of the island, the beaches have finer, lighter sand than in the north where beaches are rugged and steep, often with black sand and some pebbles. One of the biggest attractions in Tenerife is without doubt the National Park del Teide with its ever-changing flora and many hiking trails.
Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are popular places to book apartment or villa winter holiday rentals if you are a water sports enthusiast. Windsurfing, kite boarding, scuba diving and snorkelling are amongst the sports available throughout the year. One of the main purpose-built resorts on Lanzarote is Costa Teguise which is only a 20 minute drive from Arrecife Airport and is a convenient place from which to explore the island’s many tourist attractions such as the Cueva de los Verdes, Jameos del Agua and the Jardin de Cactus. Many holiday rentals on the Canary Islands can be found on Fuerteventura. In the winter temperatures generally stay over 68 degrees Fahrenheit, with plenty of sunny days. This island has fantastic tourist facilities, great beaches and more than enough places to visit to keep you occupied during your winter break.
You may be looking for winter holiday rentals on one of the quieter islands. If so, La Palma is an excellent location for a winter sun holiday rentals in the Canary Islands, especially on the western side of the island. There the temperatures are almost always pleasantly warm and not too hot. Bear in mind that away from the coast the evenings may be cool. In winter the conditions are good if you enjoy walking and hiking and there are hundreds of miles of officially marked walking paths.

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